Friday, October 9, 2009

365 Project - Day 27

Day 27

9:43pm, I was in the process of editing the image for Day 27 when my battery backup on my computer started to beep. About 50 seconds later, all the power in the house goes out along with my monitor. *Note to self: plug monitor into backup supply. Using my cell phone as a light, I tried plugging the monitor into the backup power since the PC was still on (Yes, I'm a Photographer and a PC!). Nothing.

Then I began to wonder...did I save the image yet?
What was the last thing I did to the image?
How will I post an image for 365?
Hey, there wasn't heavy rain or wind, why did the power go out?
After a few minutes of messing with cables and the PC powered down. Darn!

Perla and Sara were in the living room with candles lit and Sara was singing "Happy Birthday" to herself so she can blow out the candles. If you had never seen Sara try to blow out candles, then you have just had an extra special treat. I decided to take pictures of Sara as she tried to blow out candles, she hasn't quite mastered directing her air flow yet. Took a few images with candle light and edited them on a laptop (not much to do) to post. Using the "Farmer1" network (Thanks for not setting up Security!), I was able to get online and make this post.

Moral: When things do not work out for reasons out of your control, you have two choices:

1. Adapt
2. Sit in the Dark


Ja Mata,