Sunday, October 25, 2009

365 Project - Day 42

Day 42

Day 42 is about 7 hours late, but it started off with promise. I got home at around 12:30am last night from a wedding, downloaded the images, grabbed the one I took for the day, and made a few little edits.Sometime after I said good night to Perla and opened  the image in blogger...I fell asleep on the laptop. Luckily, my daughter woke me up at 7:35am asking for milk.

*Tip of the day: When extremely tired and editing images, it's not smart to have a warm cover and sit on a comfortable couch.

So here is the image for Day 42, I second shot an awesome wedding with Jaci Clack in Youngstown, and snagged this image in the church before the ceremony.  I love the lines of the organ's pipes, they are always different in each church I go to.

See you all again tonight with Day 43!


Ja Mata,


Anonymous said...

The pipes look so new and bright, a little different than a lot of pipes that one usually sees. These make such beautiful reflections. Very nice.

Jaci Clark said...

Nice shot! I love pipe organs! Nice to work with you again too :)