Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Change of Address

It has been a while since I was able to post anything on the blog, but with good reason. About 99% of our friends and family are aware that we relocated to Japan, for those that didn't but happen upon this post, congrats you are now apart of the In Crowd! Doesn't it feel good?

Before proceeding I have to give a shutout to my family since I would not be able to follow my dream without their support, encouragement, and love. They are the true RockStars, I'm just the back up singer who book the show. Thank You Perla and Sara!

We have been in Tokyo for almost 2 months now and it still feels like we just arrived. Just about everyday we are trying to navigate through different cities, translating documents from Sara's school, read maps,and make sure we don't get on the wrong trains. One funny recurrence is that we are always finding shortcuts to and from our apartment via the different train line. A recent shortcut, by switching train lines, saved us about 45-60 minutes of out of the way traveling. Which was a blessing since we were coming back from Ikea with heavy bags. Additionally we are learning about the culture, trying new foods, and trying as many new experiences as we can. Everyday is an adventure. Here are a few images from around town. There are plenty more to come.

Domo character cut outs from a recent kids festival.

Views from around the apartment while walking Sara to school

Ja mata, Brian I should really start a news letter for this new round of post. Leave a comment and let me know what you think?