Wednesday, October 7, 2009

365 Project - Day 25

Day 25

What better way to bring in the 25th day than with cool clouds, Sara, and an Airplane, she loves to watch them fly overhead asking us "Do you see the plane?" Even without seeing her face, I think it is evident how much she is enjoying them go by, this shot was captured on the third plane to fly by. There was a shot with her looking forward but the plane was already out of view. I chose the image above, because there is a good  compositional balance with the plane in the upper left and Sara in the lower right.

It's funny how simple things like planes landing, can bring so much joy. Hope this helps you get to the weekend faster and in a happier mood!


Ja Mata,


Naomi R. Cox said...

A beautiful day to go with a beautiful child. Yes it is wonderful how simple things bring so much joy.