Tuesday, October 27, 2009

365 Project - Day 45

Day 45

Since we are only a few days away from Halloween, why not get an image from a Cemetery? Say hello to Glendale Cemetery, refered to as the oldest cemetery in Akron Ohio. I saw the above shot a few weeks ago when we drove through Akron, and I came back today to get it. Besides Glendale being a cemetery of Akron's wealthy from 1839 and on, it is also a cemetery for soldiers from Akron, Ohio who did not and those that did return from war. There is a Civil War Chapel [the image above] for the soldiers who did return from the Civil War with the their names inscribed on the walls. Soldiers who did return and passed away outside of times of war, are buried in a tomb in the basement of the Chapel.

This is one location that I cannot wait to revisit to shoot again.


Ja Mata,


Anonymous said...

Nice shot! I do love old architecture. I think I may follow you and shoot at the nearby cemetery...

Landon said...

Cool building and I love the fall colors. Wish ours were still looking that good.

Anonymous said...

And the fall colors are out in force. This is a beautiful, peaceful photos.

Get Her Done said...

Hi Brian,
very nice--I think we could create a story or two in this setting.