Wednesday, October 14, 2009

365 Project - Day 32

Day 32

Leaves, leaves, everywhere...

For today, I decided to stay with the fall colors theme and photograph a leaf that was on a bed of mostly dried leaves. The idea was to capture the contrast between leaves that had fallen earlier versus the main subject, which seemed to have fallen more recent. It's a simple shot with a clean composition. Filling the frame with the main subject helped to isolate it, accompanied with the darker dried leaves as the background make the subject pop even more. There were a few bright spots in the upper left of the original image due to the sun coming through the shade, but I burned those out in post -production. *Typically our eyes go the brightest part of a picture first, so it's important that no other elements, that make up your overall image, are competing for attention with your main subject. But, as with most rules in photography, once you know and understand the rules/guild lines, you can always break or bend them when the situations calls for it.


Ja Mata,