Tuesday, October 20, 2009

365 Project - Day 38

Day 38

For the 38th day, we were looking to photograph an apple orchard, if time permitted, for the post. Just past the orchard we found, was a large fenced in field with a pond in the middle of the property. As we drove closer, we saw a few horses grazing near the fence. Perla and I look at each other like "There's the shot!"

The sun was setting which made great sidelight and colors against the body of the horses. I like being able to see the muscle tone with the light and the shadows from the image above. The only difficult part about getting the shot, was one horse that kept walking in front of my composition as I photographed the scene. He would keep following me when I moved as well. I'm guessing he wanted a little attention as well.

And because the other horse wanted some attention so bad, we are posting two images for day 38. The  real reason for posting two images is we liked #2's final image so much, we decided to post the second one as well.


Ja Mata,


Landon said...

Love the colors of the first image, nice job.