Wednesday, October 21, 2009

365 Project - Day 39

Day 39

Today's post I went back to leaves, just cannot get enough of them. :) My original thought was to just convert this to a black & white image, but I took the image further to get the outlined effect on the leaf. Also I like the bokeh in the background [the white circles]. Bokeh is a photography term used to describe the blur in an image from having the aperture opened wide [f1.0, f1.2,f1.4, f1.8 - f3.5, ect. the lower the # the wider open the aperture is.]. Bokeh come from the Japanese word Boke which means blur or haze. I feel like the father on "My Fat Greek Wedding" where he tells people to give him any word and he will show the root is a Greek word. But I would only get so far with Japanese.

I'll end with a short story. Perla loves to see the leaves changing colors, because in the area of Mexico where she is from the leaves turn brown and die. When Perla and I were dating, she traveled to the States to visit me in November. Even though she was excited to see me, I think she a bit more excited to see the trees in Fall. During her visit, we went to Chicago for my brother Joe's wedding. Normally, a trip to Chicago from Ohio would take 6 hours driving, but it took us about 8 hours because we kept stopping to take pictures of trees along the way. I'm about sure she hid a leaf in a book and took it back to Mexico with her as well. To see how much Perla enjoyed the leaves in Ohio made me appreciate them a little more than I did before she visited. It's funny how simple things, like a picture of a leaf, can trigger great memories.


Ja Mata [Japanese for "see you later" or you can just say "Ja ne" ]


Anonymous said...

Don't know which I like more, the story or the image... I'll just call it even. :-) They are both great and shed light on the value of both. Thanks for sharing!