Wednesday, October 28, 2009

365 Project - Day 46

Day 46

Today we are taking a little trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, 日本, Japan! I cannot say enough good things about Japan and I encourage everyone I meet - that hasn't been there- to make the trip. From the unbelievably cool and nice people, amazing food (like Tonkatsu!), arcades, and culture, there is so much to see and learn in Japan. For instance, there is nothing like getting off the train on a cool night and getting some Takoyaki (a.k.a Octopus Balls ...go ahead, make jokes) from a street vendor.
*note: Octopus Balls are made of batter, diced or whole octopus, tempura scraps , pickled ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, ponzu, mayonnaise, green laver, and katsuobushi. You can read more here.*

Other than visiting friends and learning about the culture, I also started a hip-hop group in Japan and recorded an album. I'll have to pull out a song, post it on the blog in the next few days, and then reminisce for a little.


Ja mata,


Landon said...

I for one am excited for the song.

Jenn said...

Nice focus there! Sharp and sharp.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo, and I love Japan. I spent a couple of years there. I love pretty much all Japanese food too, Tonkatsu is especially good. I can't wait to go back someday. When my photography starts paying for itself, maybe I can. Thanks for bring back such good memories...that is the power of photography.