Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beautiful Mexico Part 2

Part two of the Mexico post.
While at the church we noticed they were getting ready for a celebration (good timing, huh?) and got some great images! All of the preparations were done by volunteers from the community, doing so much in so little time. Simply amazing! They used colored wood shavings & pattern cut-outs to create some of the designs on the ground.

Beautiful Mexico Part 1

Hola Amigos!
We recently spent some time in Morelos, Mexico, just south of Mexico City, visiting family and taking a break from the cold weather. While there, we got some awesome images that we wanted to share on the blog. We love all the colors that you see on a daily basis in Mexico. Some of these pictures are from a trip to a small town called Zacualpan, which has a beautiful church that caught our attention. Perla and I keep telling each other that if we ever have the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding in Mexico, we will go at the drop of a sombrero!
Brian & Perla

And Yes, The seeds & beans make up the frame around the church entrance!