Tuesday, October 13, 2009

365 Project - Day 31

Day 31

While watching the news this morning and I heard the dreaded four-letter 'S' word, Snow. Yup, the snow is coming, with that in mind I thought it would be good to get some of the scenic fall shots before all the leaves were gone. The shot above was from a street that is tucked away near a highway overpass, next to a very stinky creek, seriously, I cannot express how bad it smelled where I was shooting. Once the composition was set with the road to lead the eyes into the scene, I waited for traffic to clear up, and then shot a few images of the scene. After that, I returned to my car, packed the gear away, and was ready to drive off. Being that the air was a little crisp [meaning, it was cold out!], I turned on the heat in the car and Wow! I learned that a face full of warm-sour-creek-funk really clears up the sinuses. Enjoy the image today, I think I lost some nose hairs in the process.

Ja Mata,