Sunday, October 11, 2009

365 Project - Day 29

Day 29

Time to put a face to the name, company name that is, for Day 29. We were having fun driving around when we came across this building with yellow textured walls. With nothing but time on our hands, we decided to stop for a quick impromptu shoot. It's rare to find Perla and I in photos together, because we're normally both behind the lens photographing others. For today’s shot we photographed each other and then put the two images into one composite in post production. I will have to toss a few of the extra shots on our Flickr page tomorrow afternoon. For now, enjoy the above shot of us getting our jump on!


Ja Mata,


Get Her Done said...

Hey Brian and Perla,
great job!

natty. said...

Great! I love vivid shots like this.