Thursday, October 22, 2009

365 Project - Day 40

Day 40

So why not make a splash! I picked up a cool tutorial for shooting water drops with a speedlight, tray of water, and paper (I used a nylon bag) a few weeks back. Let me just say, the setup was super easy! Within 15 minutes I was ready to go, only tricky part was getting my timing down to catch the water crowns and spikes. I will have to try this again at a different angles and with more colors because it was a lot of fun seeing the results. Even Sara was pushing the shutter, then looking at the camera's display, and saying "Very nice water!" With the water tray at her level, my choices were to either let her take pictures or play in the water, so it was a picture night for Sara.

If you have not browsed the Strobist site I would highly recommend it, you will learn a lot about your flashes and what they can do.

I added two more images to my Flickr Stream from today's shoot.


Ja Mata,


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Will have to check it out. I love images like this.

Landon said...

I think this may be my favorite so far. I am going to have to put down my iPhone one of these days and get the real camera from jenn and try this one. Way to go. Hey when is Perla going to start her 365?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to try this too. Looks cool. And it's a technique that would be handy to have in my bag of tricks. thanks

natty. said...

Ooh I'm gonna try this too. This looks really cool.