Monday, October 26, 2009

365 Project - Day 44

Day 44

Today, I decided to get the infamous shot of the moon, handheld @ 200 mm, F11, ISO 640. In post production, I bumped the contrast a little and cropped the image. I really enjoy astronomy, and while I am far from even starting astro-photography, star gazing and shooting the night sky are hobbies I would love to pursue to some extent one day. The above shot reminds me of a book I read some time ago called NightFall by Isaac Asimov. It's about a world with 3 suns, so nobody has ever been in complete darkness. That is until a ride at an amusement park is created that is nothing more than a windowless dome. The short ride causes some people to go crazy from the experience, which prompts an investigation. Also, a religious group begins to announce the end of the world is coming by way of fire & darkness, which happens every 20,000 years according to their book of teachings. Just as the title suggest, Nightfall does eventually fall upon the people, but you will have to read the book to find out when, why, and how this happens and why todays shot takes me back to the pages of Mr. Asimov's book.


Ja Mata,



Anonymous said...

Cool moon photo. That's pretty great for being hand held.