Monday, October 5, 2009

365 Project - Day 23

Day 23

Here we are at Day 23, I am just trying to keep the momentum going. Some things I've learned from this project are that you need a plan on how you will get the photos each day, have a process for editing them, and then posting them on the blog. I saw the above image on the way to pick up Sara from school, Perla and I loved how the field looked with long shadows and side lighting form the setting sun. Getting this shot took quick work, especially since nature does not wait for you to get the settings right.

I remember once, many years ago, I was out shooting images in a wooded area in a park, and came across a tree in a clearing with two spider webs on either sides of the trunk. The setting was in the morning as the sun had just risen and within seconds of being there sun light start to shine through the webs, it was a beautiful sight. I setup my tripod, attached the camera, switched lens, choose a position, changed a few settings to get the shot I saw, and by the time I was ready to shoot...the sun had moved. You have to be there and be ready! Actively thinking about the shutter speed and aperture you will use as you're setting up the tripod, what focal length you're planning on using as you're pulling your camera out of the bag, and by time the camera is up to your eye, you are ready to shoot. With practice this becomes second nature. Until then keep practicing.


Ja Mata,


tmdawson said...

Fantastic image. I love it too!