Sunday, October 25, 2009

365 Project - Day 43

Day 43

Today was a peak color day for most leaves in the area, at least it seemed that way while we were taking a drive this morning. We actually passed the above tree and then turned around to go back and get the shot. I used a 10mm - 22mm lens (crazy wide!) to capture the image. That lens always shows off a blue sky if there isn't too much overcast, since it was a clear morning I knew what the results be. It's always good to know your equipment and what the outcome of selecting certain combinations will be, that way you will spend less time choosing what you need.


Ja Mata,


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Brian. Is that with a 30D & the 10-22?

tmdawson said...

Gorgeous colors! Great shot!

Landon said...

Love the yellow of the tree next to the blue sky. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

What I love is relative size of the tree compared to the building.