Friday, October 23, 2009

365 Project - Day 41

Day 41

For today, I am getting my equipment ready for an event that is coming up tomorrow. The picture, obiously, is of the batteries I need to charge to be ready. Using a speedlight bounced off of a slightly tilted shoebox at the camera left less than a foot away from the batteries I was able to light the left side of the batteries. On the other side of the batteries, there was a piece of paper folded to bounce light into the right side of the image. Just to take out some of the shadows using the excess light from the reflection.

Now back to formatting cards, cleaning lens, dusting the sensors, charging more batteries, checking the packed gear, and google mapping the locations.


Ja Mata,


6p00d83451bb0b69e2 said...

It's a pyramid of batteries. Such a great representation of all that goes into a shoot! Have a great one.

James said...

Cool theme, I think it's great when 365ers work their daily life into their shots. Nice technique.

mata ne