Tuesday, October 6, 2009

365 Project - Day 24

Day 24

Out in downtown Akron looking for a different shot for the day, since I've had a lot of nature I thought I'd change it up for today. After surveying the area for a minute, I ran into Corey, a 20 year old Skateboarder, that I saw him popping a few ollies off and on the curbs. I introduce myself and explain the project and Corey agrees to let me shoot him skating.

After we discuss all the places he cannot skate, because security would kick him out pretty quick, he says he'll do an ollie off of the raised median. I post up at the edge of the street as Corey gets some space to build up speed, once the street clears up he was off. Only took 3 tries to get the shot I was most happy with, I would enjoy trying this again with a little more time and space with Corey, I'm sure we can get some really cool shots.

*Quick Shout out to Chase Jarvis, I was watching his video of shooting the snowboarders in New Zealand testing out the new SanDisk cards this week. He mentioned that not showing the rider [in a jump sequence] land was a bit of a "cardinal sin" in a sequence of shots! So I've added a second image of Corey landing (which he did a blazing job!) even though this was not a sequence or series of shots.

Thanks Corey! Shoot me an email if you want to meet up and get some more shoots!


Ja Mata,


Jay Rodriguez said...

Nice Shots Brian!
I look forward to your other shots of the skateboard in the near future :)