Sunday, October 18, 2009

365 Project - Day 36

Day 36     !!!Warning Today's image may cause your kids to go bonkers!!! View with Caution...

Hello Chuck-E! We decided to take our daughter to Chuck E Cheese today, no birthday parties, just a chance for her to enjoy the games and giant rat. For the past two weeks, each time we pass Chuck-E-Cheese she would ask "Want to go Chuck-e-cheese and eat pizza?", we're still wondering who told her about the pizza. We are happy to report she loved it, the games, all the kids, and Chuck himself...from a distance that is. Chuck-e tried to get close to Sara at one point, but she ran to the other end of the table, and then waved at him. I have to give it to Chuck, since the last time we went there, they retro fitted all the games with card readers, now you don't have to carry around coins. Just swipe your game credit card and you're off. I'm sure kids and parents spend money faster since they don't see their Cup of Tokens running out anymore.

Smart Move Chuck!

Chuck-E-Cheese wasn't as bad as we thought it would be for a Sunday, so we're sure there will be a repeat visit in a few weeks. My apologies, if any one viewing this post is forced to take their child to Chuck-E-Cheese in the near future.


Ja Mata,


Landon said...

We love that place, Here in utah we are still using the coins, but if they get rid of them half the games or kids love would have to go to.

Anonymous said...

Hey is that Tyler in the background?? What a coincidence!!