Saturday, November 28, 2009

365 Project - Day 77

Day 77

Today it was time to do something new, so welcome to the great smoke out without BBQ. First things first: if you're going to try this open a window to get some ventilation. For the background, I used black velvet cotton with really good results; however I did attach flags to my flashes to avoid spill onto the background. We had a lot of fun playing with different angles and lighting setups throughout the process. Originally, I saw the smoke colored images a few years back, I looked them up online, and found a really good tutorial from Sensitive Light, he has spent some serious time at his craft and it shows. I think these turned out well being my fist time. I can't wait to give them a second go in the future.

There are 7 large versions on Flickr.


Ja Mata,


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I'm determined to do a little more with smoke later in this project. I absolutely love the shape and color of the second image. Very well done!

natty. said...

Cool smoke!