Saturday, November 14, 2009

365 Project - Day 63

Day 63

There is always something going on in the early AM. I actually drove past this field on the way to a specific shot that I wanted to take for today.
Once I looked back at this field I noticed the fog in the distance. I parked the car, crossed 4 lanes of traffic (7:30am not much traffic), setup the tripod, and composed the image you see above. I still want to get the shot I initially intended to take (maybe for tomorrow) but seeing this scene reminded me of why I love photography. In my nature photography days there used to be a saying I heard often "f 8 and be there!". My interpretation of that saying was that having your camera at the proper setting is only half of the process. You need to be at the location at the optimal time to get the image you want. For instance, the image above would not be the same 40 minutes later in the morning,  the fog would have dissipated and the sun would have been in a different location. Being able to 'freeze' moments like this for everyone else to see, is what makes it worth it.Yeah it sounds corny, but that's what I enjoy about photography.


Ja Mata,