Friday, November 20, 2009

365 Project - Day 69

Day 69

For today's shot I wanted to direct light around the bottle, bounce back to give a rim-light, pop the background, and slightly light the front of the bottle. Yes, that is asking a lot but it's not impossible. My favorite part about this image in the rim-light on the right. Even though I would have liked to have a continuous rim-light running top to bottom, the slight separation is still a interesting look. I will have to look for a better background, foam paper does not stand up well to scratches and folds. One good thing about the light hitting the background is that is helps separate the subject [bottle] from the background on the left side. Even thought the whole bottle is not within the circular flash pop, I think it is enough to give the image some depth and the label helps bring the rest of the bottle from the background.


Ja Mata,