Tuesday, November 10, 2009

365 Project - Day 59

Day 59

Ni Hao ma! Which means 'How are you?' in Mandarin Chinese. I picked up this shadow puppet in Shanghai, China 7 years ago. Prior to my trip I saw a movie called 'To Live' where the lead character gambled away his families fortune, causing his wife to leave him. He then started his own Shadow Puppet troupe to try to get some money, his life, and family back together again. While traveling with his troupe he ends up in the middle of a battle during times of war and is immediately enlisted.

Because I enjoyed the movie, I was determined on picking a puppet up while overseas. For today's image, I put a flash 4 feet behind a white screen reflector and had the puppet in front of the screen. I started off with the puppet behind the screen but wasn't happy with the results. In the future, I will extend the wires connected to the puppet's hands and head to keep controllers hands out of the composition.


Ja Mata,