Monday, November 9, 2009

365 Project - Day 58

Day 58

Welcome to the true life of a Rockstar Real Photographer, when I'm not shooting an event, editing images, backing up data, shooting an image for the blog, traveling to a workshop, or window shopping for new gear, you can catch me doing something fabulous, as depicted above. Today, I was thinking about the picture for the blog all day long, seriously! Unfortunately, I was on-call and had to fix an issue, which caused me to miss my opportunity to take an image this afternoon. I decided to take a picture that I have been thinking about for a good 8 years now.

The original idea came about from a concept for a promo video for my old group, the synopsis was my group member and I would cleaning a house that was messy due to a party. We would all have on headphones and the track in out headphones would be the background music to the promo. In between scenes of cleaning there would be flashbacks to the previous nights party and how that area was turned into a mess. (drinks spilled, tables smashed, bottles busted, ect) My idea sequence would be from inside the dryer, the video would start as the dryer stopped (clothes on last quarter spin),  the door would open,  and group member would reach in and start pulling clothes out. Seriously, I've thought through this for a while. The whole promo would end with the artist putting trash bags on the curb and the group name would fade onto the screen  followed by the text "cleaning house in 2009." Today's image was my photographic take on that idea.

This was a quick one light setup, set at 1/8 power, the camera was @ f19 to get a large depth of field for the focus. The shutter speed was at 250, and ISO 500, I pre-focused at about ½ a foot from the end lens and set the focus to manual to avoid refocusing while using the using the self-timer to capture the image. I would still like to re-shoot this image and use a wider lens, more clothes instead of just towels and one sock! Would also be nice to put a light in the dryer as well if using the wider lens.


tmdawson said...

I LOVE this! The shot and the "rockstar" photog analogy.

Tamara said...

This is HOTTTT! I am loving the light and the concept Mr. Palmer. Thank you for sharing the story behind the "story".

Linda van Rosmalen said...

Awesome idea and an awesome shot! Can't wait to see more of this idea :)

Catherine McKinley Photography said...

I absolutely love this shot Brian!!!!

Get Her Done said...

and now for the alternative narrative; looks like a dad helping out with the household chores. Great shot B!