Sunday, November 22, 2009

365 Project - Day 71

Day 71

From this project, I'm finding out that I enjoy shooting sunrises and sunsets. There is nothing like shooting everyday to help you hone-in and develop your style. Today, as the light was fading, I wanted to get a sunset shot before it was too late. Once I arrived at a parking lot with a clear view of the sky, I planned to incorporate the parking lot lights into the image. In addition to the image above, I shot a verticle composition including only one light posted on flickr. When I turned around to leave I saw the following view:

So it's a two shot day! For shot #2 I use Hyperfocal Distance, this allows everything from the foreground to infinity to be in focus. This is a technique I learned at a workshop with Don Gale a few years back. For example, at the 24mm, f22, if your focus point is 3.3' ahead of you, then everything from 6' to infinity will be in focus, good up to 11x20" prints. This is a great technique for landscapes.


Ja Mata,


Linda van Rosmalen said...

I think the hyperfocal biz is the coolest thing I learned from this challenge thus far. I think I covered it in my blog about a week or so ago. Nifty stuff! And keep at those landscapes!