Monday, November 2, 2009

365 Project - Day 51

Day 51

After experimenting with water drops and color yesterday, Perla and I wanted to try something a little different with falling objects for day 51. We took 6 dice and dropped them in various ways onto foam sheets at 1/4, f18, ISO 400 with the flash at 1/128 +3. The idea was to get a falling/rolling blurred motion and a straight on image of the dice all in one. This wasn't really working out at first; we just got ghost dice images, with no solid dice from the flash pop. Then I remembered a Strobist Post where the photographer set the flash to pop several times during long exposure duration. This is where knowing your equipment comes in handy; I sent the flash to Multi-mode 1/128, freq. 5, @ 4 Hz. We were able to get the image above. The trick for getting the two dice, at the front, to look frozen was to leave them stationary during the exposure.


Ja Mata,