Sunday, November 15, 2009

365 Project - Day 64

Day 64

Time to grab the Rhino by the horns! I'm starting to get a good stride going on the blog and in my 365 workflow. On weekends, I get the image early in the am, and will start getting a mid-day shot during the work week. My plan is to get the shot earlier, to post sooner, and have time to work on other projects as well.

Today, on our way back from shopping, we saw this Rhino in front of a molding company and decided it would be a good candidate for day 64. My favorite part of the Rhino is that it is chained to the ground. I'm sure this is to keep the Rhino from ending up in a college pool somewhere painted pink. But the chain gives the Rhino a bit of personality to me, as if it was trying to break loose and be free. For the composition, I framed the Rhino on the left side of the frame to allow for some negative space on the right, this work better than a tight crop and adds a little interest.


Ja Mata,


tmdawson said...

Look at that crazy eye of his. He looks upset that he's chained... or maybe he just doesn't like having his picture taken. :-)