Monday, November 23, 2009

365 Project - Day 72

Day 72

Today, I'm finding inspiration under a lawnmower, well at least to some extent. The above shot reminds me of the saying "The dirt under my nails has a story to tell." But, what stories can the underside of a lawnmower tell? More than likely, it will tell of the many yards it has graced, the stones that nicked its once flawless steel, and the endless amount of grass that it encountered. Likewise, the dirt on my camera will speak volumes of its journey.

From the shutter depressions, while attached to a tripod in the middle of a small stream, to being lugged around through an open field to catch a sunrise. The memory card latch would talk of the times the owner was informed there was 'No CF Card' in the camera, but he still would open that latch and sighed in disgust. The sensor is pissed, extremely pissed! There was a piece of hair blocking part of the view and the owner fished around, like a blind dentist looking for an off colored tooth, for a day to get it out. The camera body can tell of all the cramped bags it has lived and traveled in; it can also describe, like the lawnmower, the grass it was placed in while its owner used an extra camera. Or how it was placed upside down on the shutter button causing a 6 shot surprise when editing later.

What is your camera's story?


Ja Mata,