Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Project 365 - Day 1

One Year.
365 Days.
8,760 Hours.
Lots of minutes and seconds!!

What is project 365? It is a project where I will take one photo a day and post it on my blog. Why a year? Why one photo?

1. Less than a year would change the project name.
2. This will make me be more selective of the image I want to show, which in
turn will make me think more about the end product before I take a picture.

Respect and props go out to Tasra @ Tasra365.com, she was challenged by Scott Bourne to “shoot 1 image a day for a year and improve her photography 300%” in addition, read one page in her camera manual , and view other professional photographers images every day too. Not only did Tasra take the challenge but she invited other photographers to follow and participate as well.

Next, I have to send a shout out to Zack Aries for giving me a push to get off of the ‘Dock’ , I started sailing, instead of watching other ships go by (Zack’s post on The Dock). He had a series of post that circled around a photographer B. who was frustrated with growth in photography and decided to email Zack. Zack posted the email on his blog and the was an out pouring of support for B. was HUGE, and kept building from there. For me, reading and commenting on B’s situation made me want to take a step in a different direction, do something out of the ordinary, and this is it!

Day 1 – I tried to be cool and do some crazy lighting, but the batteries in my pocket wizards were semi drained, no lighting tonight. Here is what I came up with:

1st Lesson (of the shoot): Always be prepared and think about the prep you need to do for every shot. I have a good excuse as to why I didn’t charge my batteries right after getting home from my previous shoot, but that’s all it is, an excuse.

2nd lesson: Test, test, test. Just because a pocket wizard can reach 1600 feet doesn’t mean it always will (refer back to the semi drained batteries), I couldn’t get the flash to pop 30 feet away.

3rd lesson: Improvise! The image above wasn’t what I set out to get, but with the light fading quick, running back and forth to set up the lights, and other technical difficulties, I changed my direction to still produced an image that I am proud of.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Ja Mata,