Monday, September 14, 2009

365 Project - Day 6

Awwww Six! :) Yes Day 6 out and about with the fam and saw some dried up flowers mixed in with live ones, might have to revisit this one in the future because I have a few ideas on different way to shoot it. Shooting in the park reminded me of when I started photography, back in my nature days.
I'm a huge fan of nature photography, unfortunately, I have to be a huge fan of Benadryl because of allergies. Picture this: in the field getting ready to take a ridiculously close shot of a Blue Heron. You've been waiting for the bird to be in the right spot, with the right composition, and the right light. Getting ready to shoot and then "AAAAACHOO!" Yup I sneezed and the Heron flew away. I started using Benadryl to curb the sneezing but it made me a little drowsy, I remember once I almost fell asleep waiting for sun to come up on a landscape shot. In time, I was able to figure out the right amount and when to take the Benadryl, so that I was cool to shoot. ;) Fun Stuff!


Ja mata,