Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Project 365 - Day 2

For day 2 I had my head in the clouds. I really like the simplicity and depth of this image. You have to look all around your subject and try every angle before you settle on what you want to shoot. Back in the day when I first started taking pictures, in the film days, I remember watching the John Shaw videos, he talked about several questions you should ask yourself before taking the picture:

1. What about the subject do I like?
2. What do I want the picture to invoke (emotion?)?
3. Why do I want to photograph this image?

Those were not verbatim, I'll have to look up the videos at the house now that I'm thinking about it. It's a good exercise to go through when your about to capture an image, the more you do this the faster it happens. Kind of like what Dane Sanders talked about in his presentation at Skip's Summer School. Getting off automatic, breaking up your normal day to day routine, listening to the conversation taking place it your the one that's happening right now in your head as you read this post. In my head I heard "look up" and then "Lay down and look up" a few settings and grass stains later this is what I came up with.

Who says you shouldn't listen to the voices in your head?! :)

Ja mata,