Sunday, September 27, 2009

365 Project - Day 15

Day 15

For Day 15 we have an awesome hand made card. The artist is actually getting a few of her cards published in a stamping magazine called Stampers' Sampler. It's not hard to see why; every single card she makes has a great story behind it and crafted simply perfectly. She can take the simplest stamp and turn it into a work of art by mixing inks and hand coloring the paper. Her artistic eye and style differentiates her work from others in the market and while some make hand made cards simply to save money, her unique designs not only express who she is as an artist but also reflect the personality of the recipient and/or the theme of the occasion.

The most impressive part of her talent, in my opinion, would be the fact that every stamp, color, and type of paper used in each card has a specific meaning. From Goddesses, to famous artists, and even icons from around the globe, like Frida Kahlo. One last piece of information on the artist, her name is Denise Harrison, and she is my Mom. :) Thanks Mom, I know where my creative genes came from.

When capturing the image, I wanted to get a reflection, kind of like the ones Apple uses in all it's advertisements. Setting the card up on a wood Singer table top facing into the light, opened the apreture up to about f3.5 to keep warriors head and rest of the card sharp [left my tripod at home so shot is handheld].

Mom, Today my post is dedicated to you! Awesome work!

Ja Mata,