Tuesday, September 29, 2009

365Project - Day 17

Day 17

Where are you headed, up or down? For the 17th I was at the Akron-Summit County Public Library, borrowing a couple DVDs. As we were leaving, I noticed there was a spiral stair well near our parking spot. Instantly, I grab the camera, ran to the bottom of the stairs, hop the barrier, and begin looking at different angles to photograph. Initially, I started to shoot the scene wide to include as much of the stair well as possible vertically, but I wasn't convinced having the extra railing add to the overall image. Next, I tighten the crop leaving only a little of the railing in the front-top foreground to balance the start of the spiral railing on the bottom right foreground. That worked best horizontally for me. I like how this image seems as if you could be looking from the bottom to the top of the stairs and vice versa.

- Now time to start thinking about Day 18.

Ja Mata,


Kathie said...

Sobrinos! Wonderful site, the photos are awesome! Loved the dedication to Denise Harrison -- I have been blessed to have received so many of her beautiful cards. You are doing a fabulous job with your photography and the website is just beautiful. Love it! Tia