Monday, September 28, 2009

365 Project - Day 16

Day 16

It's hard to run out of subjects to photograph in North East Ohio's fall season. Day 16, I did a little walk around looking for interesting composition to capture. No matter how many times I've seen this as a kid, it's always cool to see the leaf impressions in the cement, and since the trees haven't lost all of their leaves yet the impressions are fairly spread out on the ground. I viewed the above image from several different angles before I settled on the composition that worked. What I like about the image is that the shape of the imprinted leaf looks very similar to the actual leaf behind it. Plus, the texture of the cement give the overall image depth with all the grooves, almost like the grooves on vinyl LPs [that's 'records' for the young people out there who are scratching their heads].

Enjoy Day 16!

Ja Mata,


skip said...

I love just took something so ordinary and now you've got me walking all over the neighborhood looking down at my feet! Seriously, this image printed on a textured paper would be beautiful - it would also look great as a series on stationery.

Bobby Earle said...

Love this shot!