Tuesday, September 22, 2009

365 Project - Day 10

Day 10!

Being that we are now in the double digits, I thought I'd change it up a bit and start off with the image. Ok, I like water and reflections a lot, what I like most is using them in unusual places, like the parking lot of a mall. What works for me is how the reflection leads you into the building, and the reflected sign in the puddle is a bolder red due to the angle. Getting this shot took a little patience as people were leaving and entering the mall, cars were passing in front of the building, and around me. Water reflections are not just for lakes next to trees anymore, next time after it rains, go out with your camera, get down low next to a puddle, and see what cool reflection you may find. *If you don't find a good reflection then you have to jump in the puddle, it's the rules.

One last thing, if your nervous about shooting public...don't be! It's always fun, the looks I get from people, how they ask each other "What is he taking a picture of?", "do you think he works for the Newspaper?", and the ever famous tip "You're going to need a flash for that!" It's always just loud enough to hear. That never bothers me, if I can get their attention I will tell them what I'm doing, and sometimes [like on Day 8] I get a cool image out of it.

Ja Mata,

**Japanese word for today. Mizu = Water [mee-zu]