Sunday, September 20, 2009

365 Project - Day 8

"CupCake!" Yes I said, CupCake! Day 8, at Starbucks getting an expensive iced tea (not a coffee drinker) and in walks 'Jefi' [pronounced jef-ee] lead vocalist for a local heavy metal band named "CupCake". With his hair going wild and 3 lined goatee, the cool thing about him was that he turned heads as he walked through the sparsely populated coffee house, not only because he stood out, but because of his confidence and how comfortable he was in his own skin. Plus, Mega-coolness! I walked over, once he sat down with a cup o' joe, introduced myself, explained the project I was working on via my blog, and asked if he wouldn't mind me taking his picture for Day #8. Jefi agreed, so I grab my camera from the car and started looking around the shop to find a good place to shoot.

Luckly, the building was setup with a walkway to the back area that was lined with windows on one side, perfect side-lighting to get catchlights in the eyes. Jefi and I took a few images (you will see my favorite below), and chatted a little more about our similar taste in music. It's always cool to meet musicians, makes me want to get back into writing and performing. Going to have to check out one of his shows in the near future.

CupCake is a new band, so they don't have a website yet, but I gave Jefi my email address and when they launch one, I will do another post linking to the site.

Until then here is Jefi!

Jefi, Thanks man & Good Luck!

Ja Mata,


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