Friday, September 11, 2009

365 Project - Day 4

What a day! And that day is #4 in the 365 project.

I am a frequent reader of the Strobist blog where strobes and assignments enlighten all! :) There, I read a post titled, Teeny Tiny Halophiles, couple weeks back, I was intrigued by Mr. Hobby's macro setup and creativity of the shot, it stuck with me for today's picture Titled:
"My Esc" *Explained after the Image

Well all day I was thinking of what I would shoot for the blog today and had a killer headache. My idea was having an aspirin on a keyboard, sitting on (or by) the escape key. I used an unplugged keyboard sitting on an old opened laptop, was going to shoot on a laptop keyboard but wasn't long enough to get the look I wanted. Next I placed a piece of white cardboard at the far end of the keyboard to reflect some light back, then held the flash to the camera left level with the keyboard. Popped a couple shots off the check the light and see if the subject placement worked for me. It was 'Ok', ended up moving the pill to stand up against the ESC key since I was already side shooting it. Also, the image was a little brighter than I wanted, next I took a piece of printer paper and folded it into a triangle and place it between the flash & keyboard to diffuse the light a little and dropped the power on the flash. I was getting close to what I envisioned, just wanted to get a little rim light so I held a white envelope above and slightly to the back of the pill. The results are the image above.

*An aspirin was taking during the process so I didn't have to work with a headache.

Ja Mata,