Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beautiful Mexico Part 2

Part two of the Mexico post.
While at the church we noticed they were getting ready for a celebration (good timing, huh?) and got some great images! All of the preparations were done by volunteers from the community, doing so much in so little time. Simply amazing! They used colored wood shavings & pattern cut-outs to create some of the designs on the ground.


Sarah Hodzic said...

What timing indeed!
Again, Brian, these images are awesome.
So rich and so beautiful.

What a trip, I am jealous! :D

Shelby White said...

That is seriously amazing. The shavings on the ground look nicely done.

Great shots here. Makes me want to experience that culture.

Brian Hancock said...

I love that last pic with the moon in it.

Lisa Stein said...

So interesting about the patterns! I see them in part 1 as well, never realized how much mexicans were into patterns...beautiful!