Monday, September 21, 2009

365 Project - Day 9

"Have patience young grasshopper, this project is conditioning you to see order in chaos."

Today, we have arrived at Day 9, Ku-Nichi for those keeping track in Japanese [Ohayo Minna-san, daijobu?].

One thing I love about fall in Northeast, Ohio is all the vibrant colors that blanket the trees and fields. Bright reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, but you have to capture them quickly because they can be gone in a second. I was actually looking at this field of Goldenrod all morning at my day job, trying to think of the type of image I wanted to come away with.

After work, I grabbed my gear, and walked around the field for a few minutes looking for patterns, lines, and eying different compositions. What caught my eye was the amount of grasshoppers there, easily 20+ jumping around and on the Goldenrod where I was standing. While framing up the shot below, all I could think about was a movie I used to watch called The Last Dragon, the lead actor always had some Confucius-type quotes to say. Anyway, incorporating the grasshopper adds another element to the scene without taking away from the overall composition and feel for me.

Tip of the day: Get as close as you need to, when working with insects, without scaring them away then use your zoom to crop in-camera. A long Zoom lens will let you stay back a bit giving you room to work, this also works at wedding receptions. If using you're Tripod mind the legs, you maybe touching the plant you're shooting and a small shift can be enough to send a grasshopper 10' behind you. What fun!

Ja Mata,