Tuesday, January 26, 2010

365 Project - Day 136

Day 136

Today's image is a little bit about the guy behind the camera. If I'm not taking pictures, then I'm listening to music...usually all day, everyday. For the most part, I listen to just about every genre in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Recently, I've been on a Soca music kick and have been listening to a lot of music from Trinidad & Tobago, I'm even thinking about trying to go to carnival next year. One of my favorite sites to visit is Izatrini.com, they have monthly podcast of Reggae and Soca mixes. Definitely worth checking out.

note: sometimes while listening to my ipod on shuffle, I'll get the theme song to 'Blue's Clues' or 'Go Diego Go'. This is because I keep some of Sara's music on there for when we are driving, that always makes me laugh.

Large version on Flickr.


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