Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 Project - Day 129

Day 129

For day 2, of my week long 'Photographing kids' theme, I decided to use wrapping paper as a background for some jumping shots. To help keep Sara in a certain area, I had her assist me tape a 'X' on the floor, which also made her feel part of the process rather than just thrown into it. Next, I had Perla stand just in front of the 'X' to set my focus point. After locking the focus, I set the aperture to F8.0, which gives a greater depth-of-field, as I knew Sara wouldn't stay exactly on the 'X'. Since wrapping paper is reflective, I used off-camera lighting (Pocket Wizards to trigger) and flagged (Tapping black foam material on one side of the flash blocking light spill) the flash as to not get any hot spots. The paper was held up with a light stand, a Super Clamp, and kept from rolling out extra paper with a paper clip.
Once everything was ready (about 10 minute set up) we told Sara to find the 'X' and jump on it! Of course we jumped too. I held the flash off to the upper left, while Perla triggered the camera with a release cable as Sara jumped. We did about two sets and then let Sara get back to her playing. Cleanup took about 10 minutes as well, so all in all about 30 - 40 minutes start to finish. The results were great, maybe next time I'll use brand new roll as there are a few wrinkles on the paper.


Ja mata,


Dijea said...

That is an amazing smile.

Brian Palmer Photography said...

Thanks! She's a happy little girl!

Get Her Done said...

hey brian,
Sara is a great subject!