Thursday, January 7, 2010

365 Project - Day 117

Day 117

The forecast calls for 5-12 inches of show by tomorrow. Plus this morning we had a small ice storm making the car an impenetrable box, even broke the scrapper cleaning it off. With the ice storm in mind, I initially thought of taking some iced-up-tree branches for today's image. But once I arrived home, Sara began trying to catch the falling snow on her tongue. My first thought was "Shot of the day!". The above shot seemed to be a nice change up in the subject matter for today.
Side note for all newbies to snow... don't eat yellow snow! Seriously, it's not lemon flavored.


Ja mata,


Kathie said...

I absolutely love today's photo! So precious! Tia

Get Her Done said...

Hi Brian,
what a nice shot of Sara--this is one for the ages! You have a great week of photos--what will you do for an encore?

Alisa said...

Absolutley adorable!