Tuesday, January 5, 2010

365 Project - Day 115

Day 115

Silent Swings.

I remember as a kid how much fun it was to swing on swings. Between my younger sister, older brother, and I, we would usually compete to see who could swing the highest. After getting as high as we possibly could, the next feat was to see who could jump from the swings at the highest point. The above image reminded me of all the fun times we had and made me wonder 'Why is it that kids can be so fearless?' Is it that they are just unaware of the consequences? Do they not know the sting of failing? Could they not understand the risk of, perhaps, landing slightly wrong and have to spend the rest of the summer at home in a cast? Personally, I think it's their ability to believe in their dreams and themselves that makes some kids so fearless. One might say 'Kids don't have responsibilities like a family to worry about, they can afford to take more risk.' I think kids do have responsibilities but we don't see the value in them. For instance, tearing a hole in new clothes; I would not worry about holes, but a kid might be fearful of getting scolded when arriving home or even losing the privileged to go out to the play anymore. But they might risk it anyway, just to see if they can and to say they tried. Unfortunately the 'I can do anything' mentality can get broken down in adulthood and cause us to forget how it felt to accomplish a dream, like swinging into the sky. My advice to everyone reading along...keep swinging you, might be surprised where you end up.

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deltay said...

The simplicity here is very striking. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Great capture. Scott NIckell