Wednesday, January 13, 2010

365 Project - Day 123

Day 123

I was thinking of a way to shoot something for the MS Society for today's picture. My initial thought was to photograph the keyboard and then put MS smack in the middle. But after I started shooting, I envisioned a keyboard that had 'Cure MS' on the bottom row. Once I got the image captured I start working through the layers to re-arrange the letters, and I'm very satisfied at the end result.

Earlier this week I said that I would talk about planning to give back to your community now instead of waiting for the holidays. Do not get me wrong, holiday giving is important and needed. However, organizations serve the needs of their clients the entire year. Your support and volunteer hours are appreciated as much in July as in December. A message that really hits home due to the devastation that just happened in Haiti. So why Cure MS? For the last two years, Perla and I have given our time and talent to the MS Society Buckeye Chapter, for their MS Walk in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. We volunteer to shoot the team pictures and images of the overall event. After the event, we edit and send the images to the MS Society so they can upload them to Flickr for the participants of the walk to download the images. We would like to get to the point where we could print images onsite and give them out, but doing so would require several printers and assistants as larger team have upwards of 30 people.
For 2010, we are honored to be shooting the Akron & Cleveland walks again. So my suggestions is contact an organization and see if you can give them coverage of an event that they might hold. You never know what that can lead to, including the amazing people and families you will meet. In addition, there is no doubt that you will learn a lot about whatever charity or organization that you take part in. Start early, Start now.

Large version on Flickr.


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