Monday, January 25, 2010

365 Project - Day135

Day 135

Concept for today's image came from Sara, she actually squirted me with a water-filled spray bottle. So I decided to try to capture a few images of mist from the water bottle. With a spray bottle pointed up and a flash behind the bottle to the camera left, Perla sprays the water and I the trigger the camera & flash. We learned pretty quick that waiting too long to shoot exposes a misty mess and too soon is also a so-so shot. I'm going to have to try this again, this week to play with the lights and angles, as well as adding gels to the flash to get different colors. So this is officially attempt one of Misty Water images. Not sure if this will be a week long series yet, but it's got potential.

Large version on Flickr.


Ja mata,


Samira said...

I love this shot!