Friday, January 8, 2010

365 project - Day 118

Day 118

For day 118, I was set on getting a night shot. While I was capturing a few street scenes, I noticed this Transformer Station was catching my attention. The station sits back from the curb, so without a wider angle lens I decided to shoot it straight on. Using a long exposure with a small aperture to get the light to flare out and to retain a large depth of field to keep the image sharp. Before my next night shoot, I'm going to invest in another set of gloves, my current pair cannot keep the cold out anymore.

Large version on Flickr.


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Karen Johnson said...

This is really nice. I bought some new gloves/mittens the other day. They're actually hunters gloves that have the fingertips missing but the you can pull over a flap and it turns into a mitten.