Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 project - Day 140

Day 140

Tonight's image is another throwback image. Yes, these are gold fronts and yes, I used to wear them all the time (in the mid-90's). I got these in the summer of '95 in NYC, fun times. I keep debating about popping them in for Holloween every year but in the end decide against it, as I'm sure my teeth have changed over the years and I would be left with a headache more than anything else.


Ja mata,


Karen Johnson said...

You need to do a self portrait wearing them!

Brian Palmer Photography said...

lol, yeah that would be fun!! I may do that.

Get Her Done said...

Hey Bri,
i just when i got that image out of my mind.

Brian Palmer Photography said...


Wait for the portrait shot to go up. it's going to be fun!