Friday, January 22, 2010

365 Project - Day 132

Day 132

I can say that this weeks theme of photographing kids, my daughter to be exact, has taught me a lot. To watch the lighting, backgrounds, keeping them engaged, making it fun, and coming away with a solid image. Today's image is probably Sara's best acting ever, feels like she's saying 'Not again! I just want to watch Blue's Clues'. I have to give Sara props, as she let me photographer her all week and didn't get fussy about it...for the most part. The above image was shot in the living room and as it turns out, the Black Velvet Cotton fabric I use for the smoke trails works well as an all around background. I just laid the fabric across the front the the couch, which is about 3 feet from Sara, and shot at a low angle. For the lighting, I used a speedlite [1/4 power] in a shoot-thru white umbrella to the camera right. It was about two feet from Sara. I got this pose by asking Sara silly questions, so it was either a result of a question or she was just really tired of me. Either way she gets a break and ice cream tomorrow.


Ja mata,


Jess said...

Hi there... found you thru the Digital Photo Buzz.... =)

You do great work and your little girl is adorable!!

Get Her Done said...

Hi Brian,
I love the theme of the week!
Sara is a star!