Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365 Project - Day 130

Day 130

The tip for today's image is to let the kids do what they love, and then photograph it. Sara is a big fan of the Violin. Anytime she hears one being played, she runs to her toy chest to get her stuffed guitar and something to use as a bow. Then she puts the guitar under her chin, makes a serious look on her face, and starts to play along with the music she hears. Tonight, we grabbed the guitar, a marker, and she begun to play as I hummed out tunes and took a few shots. I wasn't too worried about trying to get right in her face, as the idea is to capture what she likes to do. Out of the several images that I took, the above shot shows her playing as if she really has a violin and has forgot I was photographing her. I couldn't ask for anything more. Now time to find a violin for kids.


Ja mata,


tmdawson said...

This is so adorable. What an incredible moment to capture!