Tuesday, June 26, 2012

D172 - Priorities

So the blog went silent for a few days, between looking for a WI-FI signal everywhere we went to have a few issues with the laptop it was getting harder to edit the images and post them. But ultimately, the focus was on helping the team complete the race so the blog had to take a back seat. Now that I'm home with a day to recover I can post the images, since it's not as if I didn't take pictures everyday. Back to June 20th, we were in Kansas, that was a tough portion of the course. In addition to being over 110 degrees outside there were some vicious cross winds coming in over 30 miles per hour. With the flat lands the riders had a hard time keeping the bikes from being pushed out onto the road from the shoulder. They made it through in good time, but no one wants to do that portion again. A few crew members and myself were sent to make a laundry run in the morning. We came across a small laundry mat that was retro fitted into an old service station in Eureka, Kansas. The owner was very nice and had a small dog that begged for attention, so of course she received a photo. More to come in the following days.

Enjoy Eureka!

Ja mata, Brian